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Welcome! This is the temporary website for the Academic Data Science Alliance (ADSA).

What is ADSA?

The Academic Data Science Alliance (ADSA) was launched in May 2019 to provide an independent national resource network for academic data science leaders, practitioners, and educators to connect and exchange ideas, and to advance the uptake of data science best practices in higher education.

ADSA seeks to support university researchers in their efforts to learn, use, and teach data-intensive tools and responsible applications. Our ultimate goal is to bring about the institutional changes needed to integrate data science into university research and training. By building networks of academic data science practitioners (including faculty, students, staff, and administrators), ADSA enables better sharing of knowledge, ideas, and lessons learned.

ADSA grew out of the Moore-Sloan Data Science Environments (MSDSE) and borrows heavily from the culture and values of this partnership. Check out the MSDSE website for more information or visit one of the MSDSEs:

How you can engage with ADSA

Additional Resources

Check back here in the coming months for our more information about ADSA, our new website, and expanded engagement opportunities.


Upcoming ADSA Events

Data Science Education Special Interest Group Call

Should we create data science degree programs?

Date/Time: Thursday April 2, 2020 - 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific

Is your institution considering starting a data science degree program? Come hear three ADSA community members discuss how their organization decided to create data science degree programs and how these programs took the shape they did. We’ll be hearing from Sarah Stone (University of Washington), Ajay Anand (University of Rochester), and HV Jagadish (University of Michigan).

Register in advance for this meeting:

Data Science Education Special Interest Group Call

OpenDS4All Curriculum Project

Date/Time: Thursday April 23, 2020 - 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific

Join us for a discussion with the OpenDS4All Curriculum Project. We'll hear about the origins of the project, the current status of the curriculum, and how the ADSA community can get involved.

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Data Science Education Special Interest Group Call

Addressing Real-World Challenges through Data Science Education

Date/Time: July 2, 2020 - 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific

We'll hear from Stephanie Hicks on the Open Studies project. The Open Case Studies (OSC) project is an educational resource that educators can use in the classroom to teach students how to effectively derive knowledge from data in real-world challenges.

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Funding for ADSA is generously provided by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation